Oskar Hermann Seidel Violin Markneukirchen, Germany c. 1920-1930


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Oskar Hermann Seidel
Master Violins
Copy: Nicolas Amati

We have a beautifully made Markneukirchen violin from the Ernst Heinrich Roth workshop labeled Oskar Hermann Seidel, built on a copy of Nicholas Amati. The Oskar Hermann Seidel name was used on exports to the United States in the 1920’s and through the 1930’s. The Seidel family were active makers dating back into the 1700’s but the Roth firm borrowed this name to increase sales to the West just after WWI. The violin has been completely worked over here in our workshop, with one restored saddle crack and a restored wing split, both on the treble side. We have given the instrument a new set up with ebony fittings. The workmanship on the instrument is at a high level, and we would not expect anything less than that from the Ernst Heinrich Roth workshop. The spruce top has tight straight grain, and the maple back is one-piece of highly flamed maple. The back is gorgeous! The ribs, neck, and scroll all match in degree of flame to that of the back. The varnish is highly transparent and shows some beautiful natural patina. The instrument is in very good condition as it approaches 100 years of age.

• Corpus 358.0 mm.
• Major Width 207.0 mm
• Minor Width 168.5 mm.
• Rib Height 30.0 mm.

The sound produced is rich in color and the overtones help make the instrument respond. The violin did not hold back when I laid into it playing some powerful passages. The projection is clear and strong with a quick response off the strings. The G & D strings are mature and warm with ample power. I loved playing the core or center of the violin in 3rd and 5th position. The violin responded with clear articulation and energy. The treble strings ring with sustain and allowed me to be aggressive with good bow speed to create a clear and vibrant sound. The violin projects well, will fit many playing styles, and is well suited for an advancing violinist.