Heinrich Th. Heberlein jr. Markneukirchen 1925 Violin – Branded


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Heinrich Th. Heberlein jr.
Markneukirchen 1925 (maker’s monogram)
Copy of Joseph Guarnerius

Branded above the Label:

H. Th. Heberlein jr. (makers monogram initials double circled next to the name)

The reputation of the Heberlein firm to artfully combine the mastery of violin making with excellent business practices lasted into the late 20th century. Born in Markneukirchen in 1843 Heinrich Theodor Heberlein jr. was involved in violin making his entire life. He and his firm adhered to the highest standards in violin making. They made many levels of violins which were determined by the quality of the wood selection, amount of hand work, and varnish shading done. These traits help set the bar for other firms to try to attain. Their instruments were noticed in international markets, and in the United States their instruments were represented by the Wurlitzer Company. The Wurlitzer firm acknowledged them to be some of the best German violins made. Later in Heinrich’s life, he taught at the Markneukirchen violin making school. In 1897 his workshop was taken over by his sons, Paul Wilhelm and Albert Theodor. Heinrich jr. passed away in 1910 but the company continued to make instruments into the 1940’s. Our instrument is of a high level, though the varnish is not antiqued and shaded like many models made in the 1920’s and 1930’s Our Guarnerius copy is in excellent condition and was made in Markneukirchen, Germany, 1925. We have restored one corner on the top plate, cambered the fingerboard, added a new ebony nut, cut a new set of ebony pegs, bridge, and sound post. The instrument is in excellent structural condition and has no issues. The instrument does contain patina from natural playing wear.
The sound is as striking as the woods used, a rich bottom end, mature with refined clarity, and an engaging treble sound that is sweet but does not hold back. I found a full tonal character which was evident when I dug in to play. The violin plays well and put out with a sustaining power.

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