Trial Policy

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When you call or visit the shop, our experienced staff will take the time to speak with you personally and guide you through the process of selecting your new instrument or bow. If you do plan to visit the shop, we request that you make an appointment so that a member of our staff will be available to work with you.

We will take into account what you are looking for in size, tone assessment, playability, and response. We will then suggest instruments or bows that meet your specifications. You can be sure that each item also meets our high craftsmanship standards, having been approved through specific set-up work, tonal adjustment, and play testing. In addition, our continual contacts with colleagues and makers from around the world help us to ensure that our instruments are reasonably priced and of the finest quality.

Items are allowed out on trial for up to two weeks. You may visit the shop to set up a trial, or we will ship instruments or bows to any prospective buyer. If you are interested in setting up a trial, please follow these easy steps:


  • Choose the items you want for your trial period. Our staff will be happy to help you find the items you desire.
  • We will create a Trial Invoice detailing these items for you.
  • Read and sign the Trial Agreement.
  • Pay the trial fees and any shipping charges, if applicable, for the items you selected. You will be asked to show a valid driver’s license.
  • Enjoy playing your selected items for up to two weeks.
  • Contact us by the two-week deadline with your decision.


    • Choose the items you want to try from our online inventory.
    • Email the shop and request the items for a trial period and where you would like them to be shipped. Or,
    • Call the shop to request your items.
    • You will be emailed a Trial Invoice detailing these items. The Trial Invoice number will be needed on the Trial Agreement (see next step). If you do not have an email, we can fax a Trial Invoice to you.
    • Once you receive the Trial Invoice, go to the TRIAL AGREEMENT, read the terms and conditions and fill out the information. You will need the invoice number from the Trial Invoice to complete this form. You will be asked for your driver’s license number and credit/debit card number on this page to pay the trial and shipping fees. Once this form is submitted, we will charge the appropriate fees and ship the trial items to you within two business days (Tuesday through Friday).
    • Once you receive your items, enjoy playing them for up to two weeks.
    • Contact us by the two-week deadline with your decision.

Any Questions?

Q: How much does it cost to take instruments/bows out on trial?
A: Each instrument is $25.00 for the trial period. Up to 6 bows may be taken out for $25.00. As an example, two violins and 6 bows would be a charge of $75.00.

Q: Is the trial fee refundable?
A: Only if you purchase an instrument/bow. The trial fee will be credited to your purchase total. In the above example, if you purchased just a violin, all $75.00 of the trial fee would be credited to your purchase.

Q: How long is the trial period?
A: Two weeks.

Q: If I like the instrument can I rent it or rent to own?
A: No. The purpose of the trial is to allow players an extended period to try an instrument/bow before purchasing. If you desire a rental instrument, please go to Rental Instruments to see the instruments that comprise our rental program.

Q: When will I get my trial items?
A: The trial items will ship within two business days of the completion of the Trial Agreement and payment of the appropriate trial and shipping fees. Please note that our business days are Tuesday through Friday.

Q: How do I return items that I don’t want to purchase?
A: Included with your trial items are prepaid Fedex labels and instructions for return shipping. Pack all items you wish to return in the same container using the same packing materials and send them back.

Q: Can I do a second trial?
A: Absolutely! The same fee ($25 per instrument or up to 6 bows) applies. If you purchase an instrument, the total fees you paid for your trial will be credited to your purchase. For example, if you took out three violins and returned them, then took out three more within 30 days and purchased a violin, the entire $150 in trial fees would be credited to the purchase price of your instrument. If you go more than 30 days between trials, the trial fee credited to the purchase is not cumulative.