Fine Instruments & Bows

Fine Instruments and Bows

It’s important to find just the right instrument, so take your time to decide. Spend a couple hours trying the instruments out, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy the experience.

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Trial Program

Trial Program

J.R. Judd Violin’s Trial Program makes finding the right instrument easier than ever. Take home, play, and enjoy any one of our thousands of instruments for up to two weeks before committing to a purchase.

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Restoration & Repair

Repairs and Restorations

We handle all restorations and repairs with the greatest care and integrity. We treat each instrument and bow with the same attention to detail whether doing general repairs, maintenance, or a major restoration.

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Rental Program

Our Rental Program offers affordable rentals of Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Basses for musicians of every age and experience level.

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