Pilař, Workshop Violin, Czech, circa 1929 Great Sound! – SOLD APRIL 25, 2023 –


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We have a Pilar workshop Violin. Karel Pilař was a well respected amateur cellist and very much a part of the great Czech violin making families. The grandson Tomáš is still active in the violin trade today. Our violin is in excellent condition for a post WWI violin. Pilař was the Hradec Králové branch founder of violin makers and was born in 1899 in Stará Paka, Czech Republic and died in 1985 in Hradec Králové. Karel became famous as one of many makers and representatives in the early 20th century as part of the “Giant Mountains Violin Makers School”. He apprenticed under Josef Čermák, was on staff with Anton Pilař in Berlin polishing his craft, and Josef Vedral in Haag.
He moved to Hradec, the city near his birthplace, to open his first workshop. He became well known for his restoration work and adjustments for leading players who sought him out.

Corpus 355.0 mm – Major Width 205.0 mm – Minor Width 166.0 mm – Rib Height 30.0 mm

The violin has an energizing, vibrant sound. The tone does not hold back. It is a bold sound capable of filling a concert hall. The violin has a good response and the overtones ring and help the instrument project. The violin can also be played in an intimate setting and do very well. I played the violin in a large worship area at church and in a small practice room here at the shop. The instrument did not disappoint. Another great sounding Czech violin. Easy to play and musically charming.