Giuseppe Martino, Boston 1922 Violin – SOLD AUGUST 23, 2022 –


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Gorgeous handmade Martino violin built in Boston, Mass. that Mr. Judd acquired from the David Bromberg collection of American violins in Wilmington, Delaware. Bromberg is known best for his amazing guitar playing and later in his life he added his love and passion of American violins to his interest in music. His collection was extensive, and he collected the best he could find, totaling over 260 instruments. He acquired the finest collection of American violins anywhere in the world. We currently have two of his beloved collection here in our violin showroom. The Strad pattern Martino violin is in excellent condition has a golden/brown varnish on a golden ground. Giuseppe was born in Messina, Italy, the northeast corner of the island of Sicily. He moved to the United States in 1915 to avoid the military draft in Italy and came to work for O. H. Bryant in Boston. We have an O.H. Bryant violin currently for sale in our showroom. Martino then went on to work various other jobs to earn a living and even worked a spell at Peate’s Music House in Ithaca, NY. He eventually returned to Boston in 1942 where he worked in the shipyard during WWII but always making violins and doing repair/restoration work on the side. Martino’s handmade violins numbered at least 100 violins, a few violas, and two cellos. The instrument is in very good to excellent condition hanging in our showroom and is ready to find a new home.

Corpus 354.0 mm., Major Width 207.0 mm., Minor Width 166.5 mm., Rib Height 31.0 mm – 29.0 mm at the neck.

The sound on the bottom end is a Wow. Masculine and powerful, but very pleasing to listen to. The instrument projects well and everything is vibrating throughout its core. The G and D string are better than nice, and the top end is sweet with plenty of power. The violin leans to the dark side of the sound spectrum, and the whole instrument has this rich, buttery, full of flavor sound that I love. This violin is for the serious player and/or up and coming player looking for a fine handmade instrument.