1830’s Soloist French Violin


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A fine French offering from the 1830’s is accompanied with an original certificate from the shop of William E. Hill, June 27, 1914.
The instrument has a gorgeous one-piece back with medium width figure. The ribs match in beauty and degree of flame. The two-piece spruce top plate is of medium width grain. Indicative to its French origin the corpus length is 359.0 mm. The violin has a red-brown oil varnish with a hint of orange all on an amber ground. The instrument has aged well with much natural patina. The condition is very good. There are only a two issues to note – one minimal wing split 1 cm. long on the right side (f) hole and four upper quadrant spots where worm damage has been repaired and restored on the maple back. All issues have been repaired well.
The sound is rich in its overtones and pleasing to listen to under the player’s ear. It’s an almost woody sound with a tonal color which is even throughout its register. This is a serious player’s violin. Powerful yet smooth describes this violin. A big violin physically to match its tonal properties it is well suited for high playfulness in the upper positions. This is a fantastic choice for a serious musician heading to conservatory as well for the player who is already a soloist. C

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