Heinrich Gill X7 #628826 Cello

SALE PRICE $15,500

– SOLD MARCH 22, 2023 –


It starts with carefully selected tone woods; spruce from the Austrian Alps and maple from Bosnia and the Carpathian mountains. This wood is then stored for at least 10 years and the acoustical properties measured to choose the materials that will produce an instrument whose sound rivals that of antique French and Italian instruments. Only the very highest quality woods are selected for the X7 cellos. Skilled craftsmen under the supervision of Master Luthier Bernd Dimbath take these materials and create heirloom instruments, right down to the hand varnish, that reflect the pinnacle of the craftmen’s art. In fact, Bernd carves the bass bar and the top plate personally on all his X model cellos. The sound and look of these cellos compares favorably to those costing many times more; these are truly word-class instruments!

This X7 is fitted with rosewood pegs and a rosewood tailpiece.