W & S Leipzig- Trade Violin Bow circa 1900


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GERMANY on the butt of the stick behind the frog

We have a very nice bow made for the trade around the turn of the century (1900). The bow is pernambuco specie, round in section, and mounted in nickel silver. We have saved the original winding which is still wholly functional and beautiful. We have meticulously gone over the entire bow, giving it a new facial tip in bone, new leathers to capture the winding, which is a silk thread wrapped with red accent and finished off with goat black leather thumb and small lapping at the end. The frog is Parisian eye and the pearl is very colorful. The endscrew is three-piece and the frog and endscrew are all original. This is a bow that was started in the restoration process during Covid, which gave me time to get many older bows worked up to get out to the showroom. I have had this stick in my collection since the late 1970’s. German bow, lighter in gram weight, and just an all-around very nice older stick.

Weight fully haired 59.2 grams