H. A. Stöhr Markneukirchen Violin Bow circa 1970 Sterling


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H. A. STÖHR with insignia/logo H.A.S.T. on the frog, players side
GDR branded on the bottom flat behind the frog on the stick

We have a fine pernambuco violin bow branded H.A. Stöhr. This handmade bow features a firm stick, graceful head, octagonal in section, sterling silver mounts, frog with a 2.5 mm silver ring around the mother of pearl eyes, which is very different, very clean workmanship, and the fittings on all of the frog accoutrements are very precise. The Stöhr family were early makers in the 19th century in St. Polten, which was close to the city of Vienna. The family name is also recognized in the town of Bubenreuth, Germany after WW II. This was the area many fine makers were drawn to after the war. The bow is all original and deserves many accolades. The knife work, octagonal facets, and the frog work are exceptional. The African ebony frog is a very dark older piece of wood, classic, but also has a bit of signature on it displaying the maker’s initials/name. The mother-of-pearl on the frog is all abalone, iridescent white, and the endscrew is three pieces. We have replaced the torn and worn leather thumb grip. This is an outstanding playing bow that easily handles off the string articulations and gives a clear precise sound. It is an excellent stick that was made in the last third of the mid-20th century.

Weight fully haired 60.3 grams.