The “Argentina” Violin, Circa 1940


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We have a beautiful handmade violin from South America with all of the graceful features one would find in a very expensive violin. The scroll is slightly elongated with soft chamfers. The arching in both plates are very graceful and the dimensions are exacting along the last 4 cm. leading to the lip just before the edges of the violin. The oil varnish is hand drawn and is an orange-brown on a golden amber-brown. The violin is in excellent condition and features a one-piece maple back of medium to small width flame.
The sound is rich and mature and leans to the darker side. I was taken back by the lush G and D strings and the sweetness of the treble. The instrument was easy to play and the sound can be controlled with a lighter touch on the bow. The player will not have to work hard to experience the lushness of this instrument. This is a sleeper. A light violin with a great sound. This handmade violin bears no label and has been played well through the years, showing signs of natural wear and patina.

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