Pre WW II Non-Stamped Sterling Silver German Violin Bow


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Pernambuco bows are harder and harder to procure, especially from makers I have personally worked with for 35 years. It is not their fault, but of the times we live in and the new laws that have been enacted at the source of the wood in Brazil. I have not been able to purchase a single pernambuco bow for the past 18 months. So, I have decided to dig in my stockpile of at least 800 sticks that I have been collecting since I was a teenager. I have discovered that there are a lot of nice bows here in the workshop that were collecting dust. This is another bow reworked, restored, and ready to move from the workshop to the showroom. A nice German bread and butter bow that will be a good playing stick for the up-and-coming violin player. This is a non-stamped pre-WW II German violin bow that features a new tip, a new imitation whalebone winding with a leather thumb grip, the original bind eye ebony frog, and a solid silver endscrew cap. The bow is pernambuco specie, round in section, and I can’t believe the sterling silver mounted stick isn’t branded.

Weight fully haired 61.7 grams.