Paul Weidhaas Violin Bow – SOLD JANUARY 3, 2023 –


The origin and hub of German bow making as a profession was Markneukirchen, which is located in the Bohemian/Saxon corner on the border of Bohemia and the kingdom of Saxony. These area’s makers were known for their instrument making and the making of accessories, but it also became known for many renowned German bow making families. The Weidhaas name is one of the most acclaimed early 20th century German bow makers. Weidhaas studied his craft with many European makers. He was influenced by Georg Winterling in Hamburg, Germany, Josef Vedral in Den Haag and Max Moller in Amsterdam. Weidhaas worked and apprenticed with Victor Fetique in Paris. He was a committed maker and heavily influenced by Fetique. Victor Fetique thought so much of him that he continued to have bows made for his Paris firm even after Weidhaas returned to Markneukirchen to open his own shop. Fetique even had Weidhaas use his authentic brands for the commissioned bows. Mr. Judd believes this bow to have been made after 1918 when Weidhaas opened his own shop back in his Saxony home of Markneukirchen. This exceptional bow is of octagonal section, pernambuco specie, with the mounts being sterling silver and ebony. The frog has a Parisian eye and the endscrew is a solid silver piece. The bow has exceptional balance and playability. Truly a professional bow in excellent condition.

Weight fully haired 60.2 grams.