Rodney D. Mohr – Sartory Model – SOLD MARCH 7, 2023 –


Rodney D. Mohr is one of the premier bow makers of our time, and for good reason. Ask any professional player and you will be told that his bows “just feel right”. This offering from Mr. Mohr is a round-section pernambuco stick fully mounted in sterling silver. The ebony frog features a mother-of-pearl slide and Parisian eyes; the pearl eyes are encircled by silver rings, and the bow is finished with a silver button and tip armor (tip armor is a polymer composite that is stronger than ivory or bone, lighter than silver, and will not crack or break like plastic). The maker's name is branded on the player side, and MOHR is branded on the underside of the stick just past the winding.

Weight fully haired 60.0 grams.