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Melos rosin is available for violin, viola, and cello in light or dark. We also offer the sticky cello rosin.

  • Does not contain any chemicals (glucose, sugar etc.)
  • It is especially designed for every different instrument: violin, viola, cello, bass, baroque violin, baroque viola, baroque cello & erhu. Especially for violin, viola, cello and bass MELOS ROSINS are made for two seasons (dark rosin – winter, light rosin – summer)
  • Can be mixed. The user can mix different MELOS rosin types to have the results that prefer for every occasion.
  • It is always fresh (made only upon an order).
  • It is a 100% hand-made product.
  • It is made of high quality Greek pine-tree resin.

Violin and Viola Light and Dark:

Melos Vn Light

Melos Vn Dark

Cello Light and Dark:

Melos Cello Light

Melos Cello Dark

Cello Sticky:

This product is softer and “bites” the strings stronger than MELOS “dark” Rosin.

Melos Cello Sticky

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