Matthias Penzel Sterling Silver Violin Bow Made in 2021


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Branded: Matthias R. Penzel- with a treble clef sign branded on each side of the maker.
Branded: GOLDSTANGE on the audience side

This commissioned bow was made for J.R. Judd Violins in 2021. It was completed in April 2021 by Matthias R. Penzel who now heads the bow firm.
Over 100 years ago Emil Max Penzel, the great uncle to Matthias, founded the family business in Erlbach, Germany, which was a center for making musical instruments in Vogtland/Sachsen. Max’s early bows were based on French makers. Max’s designs also had his name between two horizontal treble clefs. The next family member was Kurt Penzel and then his son Gerhard Penzel; we have bows in the shop from each of them. In 1974 Kurt Gerhard moved his home and the family business to Ostrach. Now Gerhard Penzel’s son Roland leads the commercial side of the business as well as the repair and restoration area while his son Matthias concentrates on handmade and commissioned bows. Matthias received his master qualification at Nurnberg in 2008.
The wood in this bow is at least 30 years old, hand selected pernambuco from the graded storage areas the Penzel family has had for decades. It is octagonal in section and the ebony frog is mounted in sterling silver with a solid silver end screw. The frog has Parisian eyes and the Penzel logo. The frog is mounted in the Hill style; no bottom plate with the frog running in a lowered track carved into the pernambuco. The frog has the number 120 near the brass eye and branded under the frog as well. The tip is made of imitation ivory and the mother-of-pearl used for the eyes and slide is called goldfish.
The bow comes with a certificate of authenticity from the maker and will be a fantastic bow for the serious player.

Weight fully haired 60.6 grams.