Markneukirchen 1925 Violin


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Label Reads:

Gustav Fedor Heberlein Jr.

Reproduction of Antonius Stradivarius

The is a beautiful trade instrument from the 1920’s. The instrument was made by German craftsman who knew how to carve well and who carved a violin which is light in weight and in excellent condition with no issues. The back is a of two-piece flamed maple with the flame slightly descending from the center seam. The flame or curl is beautiful, being of medium width. The ribs, neck, and scroll match the quality of flame to that of the back plate. The top plate is carved in spruce and has medium-to-wide-width grain. The varnish is golden to light amber with a touch of orange -brown. The varnish displays some patina and natural playing wear, which is always a good sign on an instrument. We have carved a new set of pegs, added a new fingerboard, nut, new bridge, post, tail-piece, and chin rest.

The sound is inviting and warm. This violin leans to the darker side – not too bright. The sustain and response off the strings are better than good. The tone is evenly voiced on all four strings and Mr. Judd loves the sound of the bottom end. A great instrument for a player looking for a European instrument.

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