Christian Pederson 2002 “Small” 3/4 Size Violin


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Bears the label:

Robertson and Sons Violin Shop
From the workbench of
Christian Pederson
Albuquerque, NM #4596 Anno 2002

Interesting instrument from the bench of Christian Pedersen, a maker based in Albuquerque, NM. It is sized slightly under a 3/4 standard size fractional violin. The orange/brown varnish is tastefully shaded to produce the look of an older violin, and both the top and back plates have fleurs-de-lis stamped at the corners. Pins are also visible at the top and bottom of the back plate.

Corpus 320.0 mm – Major Width 185.0 mm – Minor Width 149.00 mm – Ribs 28.0 mm

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