Krzysztof Mroz, Wrockaw, Poland 16” Viola – 1991 – SOLD JANUARY 3, 2023 –


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Label Reads:

Krzysztof Mroz
attysta – lutnik

Another Polish instrument that stands out. Krzysztof has over 30 years of instrument making to his credit. He studied violin making with master makers Andrzeja Janik, Bartoszek and Mardula. He was awarded the silver medal of merit by the President of Poland in 2003 for his development of the Polish culture. Kristof opened his own workshop in 1980 in Wroclaw and has been an active member of the Polish Violin Makers Association (ZPAL). In 1996 Krzysztof won 1st prize for a violin he made in the H. Wieniawski Violin Making Competition. This viola is well made with deep ribs, great wood and very strong almost Strad like lines and arching. The instrument is in fantastic condition with just a few patina marks.
The sound is deep, rich and resonant. The response is big and the sustain even better. The over tones are warm and evoke a smooth reediness to the sound quality. The upper register is brilliant but not overly assertive. This is a three-decade old handmade viola that will open up even more as it gets played. It’s suitable for the professional chamber player as well as the player holding down a seat in a serious orchestra.

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