John Juzek – Made in Czechoslovakia Violin


Label Reads:

John Juzek
Violinmaker in Prague
Made in Czechoslovakia

This Juzek workshop was first located in Schönbach, Czechoslovakia prior to the war. After WWII Robert (the son) and John Juzek moved the company just over the border into Germany. There is no date, serial number, or model information on the label. Many of these instruments were made under contract that John Juzek secured with the New York City Public Schools, U.S. Teacher Colleges and other U.S. city public schools in the late 1940’s and 1950’s. This instrument is a very nice grade trade violin with all newly carved fittings. The amber orange-brown varnish is shaded and nicely antiqued. Hand drawn, the varnish brings out the beauty of the flamed maple back, ribs, neck and scroll. The instrument contains natural wear and patina which does not distract from the instrument.
The sound is inviting. The top A & E strings are sweet and ring out. The instrument is very comfortable to play, and the treble sound and strength did not wain even when I went up higher on the fingerboard. The G pops on this violin, many steps above a typical student instrument. The response was quick on all the strings and nothing is lost as you move up in positions on the G and D strings. The sound was always inviting and responded well to a lighter touch from the bow. When I was more aggressive to the bottom strings the instrument gave ample sound. The bass end of the violin has focus and depth, better than just outright power. This violin has the look and a great overall tone.

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