Giovan Paolo Maggini – German Trade Violin, Circa 1900-1910


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Label Reads:

Giovan paolo Maggini
Brescia 1695

We have a very well-preserved German trade violin made in the Maggini style, in purfling and carving of the scroll. The instrument is carefully restored and free of any serious wear (but just enough “character” to testify to its longevity); it is in very good condition. The violin features a flamed maple back, with matching ribs, neck, and scroll. The sound holes are a little exaggerated and add to the charm of this 100-plus-year-old violin. The instrument has ebony fittings which give a beautiful contrast to the amber, golden-brown varnish with orange/brown highlights. The varnish does display some patina and playing wear. The instrument is big; no, just longer in the corpus which will make it a comfortable fit for a taller player who wants to stretch out. This larger body helps create a bigger sound to the violin.

Corpus 367.0 mm – Major Width 209.0 mm – Minor Width 167.0 mm – Rib Height 29.0 – 30.0 mm

Thinking about a more expensive violin? A player shouldn’t pass up trying this instrument. This violin would also be a great instrument for a fiddler! The longer body of this instrument adds to the power and drive of the sound. The sound is terrific! The tone is full and resonant. The harmonic overtones ring and I like the quick response off the strings. I found a gram weight bow above 61.5 grams gave a better sound off the strings. It helped it to speak. I had to work too hard with a lighter bow in the 58.0 – 60.0 gram range. The violin’s alluring bottom has some guts along with its power. The treble side is sweet and slightly brighter. Age, beauty, sound- a very nice mix.

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