Heinrich Gill Violin – SOLD – SOLD – SOLD – April 9, 2021


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The violin industry town of Bubenreuth, Germany is home to many violin making firms.  Among them, founded in 1952, is the workshop of Heinrich Gill.  The Gill workshop initially handled all forms of musical instruments ranging from accordians and recorders to violins.  In 1990 the Gill workshop was purchased by Bernd Dimbath.  Since 1990 the focus of Heinrich Gill has soley been the creation and distribution of violin family instruments.  The Strad pattern No. 68 model we have for sale is typical of the work produced in the Dimbath-run Gill workshop:  That being a violin made with the precision of a swiss clock and antiqued with the eye of history. Tonally, our No. 68 is a bright and cheery violin that can be pushed hard if needed. It’s a good choice for a player looking for a precision-made German violin.

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