Gustav August Ficker German Violin Made for WM. LEWIS & SON 1973


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Gustav August Ficker
No. 185 anno 1973 00055
GUARNERIUS model “Spohr”
Made in GERMANY exclusively for
Williiam Lewis & Son

We have a well-crafted full size violin, designed by Gustav August Ficker on a Stradivarius pattern and dated 1973. This is a Spohr model violin with a fresh set up and strings completed in our upstairs workshop. Gustav started his violin making career with his cousin Ernst Heinrich Roth, when they went into business together in 1902. For many years Roth and Ficker worked in conjunction with each other sharing trained workers, apprentices,’ and business ideas. Eventually G. A. Flicker relocated his workshop, also in the town of Markneukirchen, which was known as the hub for instrument making in Germany. Ficker’s business rested almost solely on making various level instruments and exporting them to be then sold by other violin shops. This violin model # 185 is one of these, made for William Lewis & Son of Chicago, Illinois. Our instrument has choice tonewood for the top and highly flamed maple for the back, ribs, neck, and scroll. The varnish is a deep transparent orange/ brown on a golden ground. The varnish is well done, stunning even, and the instrument is in very good condition.

• Corpus 357.0 mm.
• Major Width 206.0 mm.
• Minor Width 167.0 mm.
• Rib Height 30.0 to 31.0 mm.

The violin resonates well. It has a gorgeous bottom end and a ringing projection that does not disappoint. The instrument has a big sound, slightly bold which I really like. I was also taken aback by the balanced tone throughout. The sound can be powerful when you want it and rings well, even with a lighter touch in the bow. The treble side shines and does not hold back. This will make an excellent violin for a serious player looking to step up into something beautiful sound and looks wise.

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