Rosa Wortham Concert Series Model 300 Violin


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Rosa Wortham (1903-1972) was a fine violin player and teacher in New York City. She made it a point to perform and teach. She played with many chamber ensembles and her real love opera and opera orchestras. She also played with the Staten Island Symphony Orchestra and summers at Camp-of the-Woods in upstate New York. Rosa was a life-time player owning two violins, a Lupot and her favorite a Matteo Goffriller 1700 Venice with a Tubbs bow. The Wortham is a very fine instrument for an intermediate level violinist. This violin was handcrafted and made for J.R. Judd Violin, LLC in a small workshop in the City of Suzhou. The detail carving of the plates and the instrument set up completed here at our shop is done to get the best possible sound. The tone is rich and full and the sustain is noticeable and inviting. This instrument has a great look and the sound will not disappoint.

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