Fritz Mueller Violin-Leipzig, Circa 1930’s – Gorgeous Older German


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Labelled & Branded:

Reproduction of
“Johann Georg Thir” 1772 & bearing the maker’s oval brand “Fritz Mueller” to the inside back plate just above the label.

Germany has a long tradition of making violins that goes back close to 400 years. Most German violins were made in the traditional violin centers of Markneukirchen/Klingenthal in the central eastern region near the Czech border and Mittenwald in southern Germany. Since the mid-20th century Bubenreuth/Adorf rose to be the major hub of German instrument craftsmanship. German instruments are characterized as good, strong, solid tone, well made, and being affordable compared to their Italian counterparts. We have a pre-WWII violin branded and made in the Fritz Mueller shop of Leipzig, Germany. Fritz was also known for his bow making. In this instrument his choice of woods, arching of the plates, and clean carving lines are all beautifully executed. The top is moderately-grained spruce to compliment a well-flamed one-piece maple back and ribs. The violin has Amati style sound holes which adds to its old world character and is in very good condition. The violin has been meticulously gone over in our workshop. We have carved all new ebony fittings and a 200 year old maple Despiau bridge with a new soundpost.

Corpus 359.0 mm., Major Width 202.5 mm., Minor Width 163.0 mm., Rib Height 30.0 mm.

The sound is rich, with a slight edginess and has sustain. The edginess helps to produce very good overtones off the violin. The bass side has the response the violinist craves, and your ear might say inviting. The sound is slightly covered which helps to keep the violin from being bright sounding. Mr. Judd likes that kind of punch in the tone quality for a violin. The E & A strings ring and stand on their own with a vibrant sustain. This is a terrific choice for a player who is ready to move out of an intermediate level and into a European instrument. This is an instrument with age and is a German beauty.