Beautiful German Trade Violin, circa 1930 – SOLD MARCH 3, 2023 –


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Label Reads:
Carlo Tononi Bolognese
Fece in Venezia l’A: 1759

This is a well-made Strad model violin with European quality, age and simple lines. It is a trade instrument that has a classic look. German shops produced thousands of violins from the mid 19th century up through the mid-20th century. The Italian sounding label was used as a marketing tool to sell an instrument that was made in Germany which was having huge post war economic problems. The makers could not sell their instruments with “Made in Germany” brands or labels, especially to Western Europe and North America. These were student instruments of a higher grade that have stood the test of time. They are fantastic violins for a player looking for good quality and excellent sound. The hand work, craftsmanship, and antiqued look that is evident on this violin has been lost in the similar violin making quality of today. The varnish is an antiqued, slightly distressed dark brown on a golden amber ground. We have cut all new fittings, fingerboard, nut, pegs, Despiau bridge, soundpost and completed the instrument with a German Wittner tailpiece. This violin is a “sleeper” well worth a look with no issues.
Corpus 359.0 mm., Major Width 206.0 mm., Minor Width 166.5 mm., Rib Height 30.5 – 31.0 mm
The sound on the violin is gorgeous. The tone is warm, leaning slightly to the darker side, lush while ringing on all the voices. The tone has sustain and strength an I love the sound as I moved up into higher positions. The response off the strings is genuine, full of life, and is a wow! for this instrument in this price range. Simply said the G & D strings have it! The treble side is just as nice, having strength and resilient tone. It sings with clarity and plenty of power. A player will fall in love with this violin, nice age, highly flamed curl of medium width and a very good sound. If the violin had the makers name branded on the inside back or the firms name on the label it would fall into a higher price range.