E.J. Albert Violin, Circa 1900


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The Alberts were an esteemed family of violinmakers in Philadelphia from 1849-1916. This older handmade violin offers exceptional quality of sound at a modest price. This violin is branded and helps confirm what we believe; that we have a fine instrument commissioned by and for the E.J. Albert workshop and imported from Germany to Philadelphia. This made-for-the-trade instrument was sent to the Albert firm in the white and was then reworked and varnished here in the States. The varnish is of the tradition golden orange/amber brown all on a golden ground. The instrument is in excellent condition with nice patina and normal playing wear. We have taken great care and effort in restoring the violin because of the historical significance of the E. J. Albert workshop. The pegs have been bushed and a new set cut, the back came off to restore the center seam and cleat, new Despiau grade B bridge cut, and sound post. The quality of the instrument is in the carving, and the look is oh so Albert, which is very nice. There are no issues with this instrument, which is close to 110 years old or more.

Corpus 359.0mm – Major 206.0mm – Minor 165.0mm – Rib Height 29.0mm

The violin’s light weight and sound is a knockout! An advanced player will fall in love with the large, warm sound combined with the rich volume. The sustain is above nice and the instrument simply rings. It has a mature sound with a clear voice that is beautiful. A demanding player can check off all of the boxes on this violin: age, very good condition, ease of play, craftmanship, overtones, and an unmistakable sweet and radiant sound.

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