Durro Artist Violin Bow, German Trade Bow Circa 1910-1920


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The Durro Artist was a trade name used by the B & J Co. also known as the Buegeleison & Jacobson, NY, NY, importers of the Salvadore de Durro violins in the early 20th century. This is an imported bow from Germany that made its way to America. The bow is in very good condition. I have added a sterling silver winding and new leather grip to give the stick better balance and playability. The bow is mounted in sterling silver with a single pearl eye. The mother-of-pearl has a rose color to the sheen. The stick is pernambuco, octagonal section, and the frog is almost that of a Peccatte style. The pernambuco stick is a deep orange/brown and has no issues. The bow handles well and is a fantastic trade bow. Review the characteristics: well-made, German craftsmanship, easily over one hundred years old, nice firmness, lightweight, and handmade. A great stick for the price.

Weight fully haired 59.1 grams.