Bruno Franz Paulus Violin, Mittenwald, circa 1965


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Bruno Franz Paulus
Mittenwald / Karwendelgebirge

We have a German violin made circa 1960’s from Bruno Paulus. The craftsmanship is very high and the wood selection is choice. The back is a two-piece well flamed maple, cut to the quarter, with matching ribs and neck. The top is two-piece medium-width grain spruce, cut to the quarter. Mittenwald was one of the major instrument making hubs in Germany, especially southern Germany. Small fine workshops and excellent carvers are the hallmark of this town known for the many families of fine makers, all taking great pride in their workmanship. The town is well situated in a mountainous area with a natural source of wood coming from the Karwendel mountains. The oil varnish is a golden brown, not shaded, all on a golden ground. The violin does display patina and signs of normal wear from playing, all of which are good signs that someone loved to play on this violin. The arching is spot on Strad modeling, which helps determine the focus and strength of sound. The instrument is in very good condition and has an ID number #19 inside on the back plate at the left “f” hole. The violin is completed in ebony fittings with brass accents.

• Corpus 355.0 mm.
• Major Width 208.0 mm.
• Minor Width 169.0 mm.
• Rib Height 30.0 mm.

The violin has a deep and powerful sound, especially on the bass side. The sound is not harsh but very inviting and warm. The violin leans to the darker side. The instrument speaks well and has sustain. The treble side has strength of sound and beautiful brilliance. The overall sound is beautiful, something we expect from German makers who know their craft. The E & A are sweet but retain some of the characteristics of the bottom strings, clean and powerful. This is an excellent German violin for the advancing player looking to step up into a real oil painting.

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