3/4 Size Robert A. Dölling Violin, Markneukirchen Circa 1925


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Robert A. Dölling
Copie of Antonius Stradivarius

We have a fine violin made in the Dölling workshop. Robert Dölling was a German violin maker who came from a family of violin makers in and around Markneukirchen, the small city in Saxony near the Czech Republic. Markneukirchen was known for centuries for producing high quality musical instruments. The Dölling line of makers includes Georg Louis Dölling, Heinrich August Dölling, Heinrich Gustav Dölling, and Hermann Moritz Dölling, all who lived and made violins in and near Markneukirchen in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. This violin has been made with high quality tonewoods and detailed antiquing in a honey/brown and orange/brown oil varnish. The violin has beautiful corners, strong graceful arching in the plates, and an artistically carved scroll. The instrument was carved well and is in excellent condition. The violin has been meticulously gone over here in the violin shop. The violin is stunning and sounds just as nice. The instrument has new ebony fittings and our Aubert 150-year-old bridge cut with a new post.

Corpus 333.5 mm., Major Width 193.0mm., Minor Width 156.0mm., Rib Height 28.5-28.0 mm.

The sound will capture you on the bottom end. The bottom end is powerful, the G strikes me as a lush, robust sound while the D resonates at the slightest touch of the bow. The bottom is outstanding and helps set this violin apart from the average 3/4 European violin. The E and A also respond instantly and the sustain is noticeably a wow! The treble side also responds better than well, and it has power too. The top is clean and rings up into the higher positions. This instrument would make an excellent violin for that serious player looking for a great fractional instrument.