1928 Milano – German Trade Violin


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No. 128
Stradivarius Model
A.D. 1928

The Milano instrument was imported into the U.S by the Carl Fischer Music House of New York City back in the 1920’s. The instrument was made in Germany and imported to Carl Fischer, who in his earlier days had a string shop in the store and carried many fine string instruments. He also did restorations and repairs, and had many floors of music for sale as well. Later in the firm’s life the firm just went to only sheet music sales. We have meticulously gone over the entire violin in our workshop and the violin is in very good condition. This Stradivarius model contains all the traditional woods; maple, spruce, willow linings, spruce blocks, and ebony fittings. It features a one-piece maple back plate, and the spruce top is a medium-width grain that broadens at the edges, very classic. The oil varnish is all hand-drawn by brush and is an amber/brown color. The darker varnish is antiqued almost in a quilted manner.

Corpus 357.0 mm., Major Width 204.0 mm, Minor Width 164.0 mm, Rib Height 30.0 mm.

The overall sound of the violin has nice depth, slightly covered in is character. Any violaists out there looking for a violin? The sound leans to the darker side but with very nice maturity and power. The violin does not hold back. Big mature bottom end and the treble side speaks just as powerfully and with more clarity. This would make a great violin for the player looking to get something European, with age, and a different presence of sound than that of a rental quality instrument. Good sustain, powerful sound, sound!

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