• High Quality synthetic core strings.
  • Ametyst strings offer a pure and focused sound which is brighter than Karneol. Although they are intended for better instruments, they will improve the sound of all levels of violins.
  • They have a synthetic core, and normally take approximately three days to achieve tuning stability and optimum tone quality.
ViolinSet$32.95 Buy
E$2.75 Buy
A$7.95 Buy
D$8.95 Buy
G$13.30 Buy

  • The Brilliant advanced synthetic core set is intended for players who seek the most projecting sound.
  • It also offers quick tuning stability.
  • Synthetic core strings need about three to four days to settle in before achieving full tone quality.
  • Two D strings are available: hydronalium which provides a projecting sound with plenty of attack when needed, or silver, which provides a warmer and mellower sound.
ViolinSet$49.78 Buy
E$4.60 Buy
A$12.02 Buy
D - Silver$15.76 Buy
D - Hydronalium$15.76 Buy
G$17.40 Buy
ViolaSet$65.00 Buy
A$11.95 Buy
D$14.55 Buy
G$16.60 Buy
C$21.90 Buy

  • The Karneol string set produces well-balanced velvety tones, giving warmth and texture to your sound. They have a synthetic core, and normally require three days to achieve tuning stability and optimum tone quality.
ViolinSet$32.67 Buy
E$2.50 Buy
A$7.50 Buy
D$9.95 Buy
G$11.80 Buy
ViolaSet$44.37 Buy
A$7.99 Buy
D$9.44 Buy
G$11.78 Buy
C$15.16 Buy

  • The Amber string set has been developed with the aim of achieving the sound quality of the best gut strings without any tuning instabilities. The set features W-Core®, a completely new core material developed by our Research & Development team.
  • The sound is rich and warm, but still has texture. The strings also feature a distinctive high quality silking design.
ViolinSet$59.95 Buy
E$8.25 Buy
A$13.30 Buy
D$17.40 Buy
G$21.10 Buy
ViolaSet$70.31 Buy
A$12.90 Buy
D$14.94 Buy
G$18.04 Buy
C$24.43 Buy
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