Wilhelm Klier No. 702 7/8 Size Cello Guarneri Pattern


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The Wilhelm Klier Guarneri model cello is described as Old World luthiery for New World players. This Klier cello is a well-known high quality German cello. It is made with select aged European spruce and highly-flamed maple. The tonewoods are hand graduated and the bass bar is fitted. We camber the fingerboard, carve the nut, cut a new post and bridge, and do the final tonal adjustments and set up in our workshops. The cello is constructed from older wood selected to achieve a warmer sound. The antiqued spirit varnish is hand drawn with a deep color to give a classic, old-fashioned look and multi-layered all by brush all on top of a golden ground base. This instrument has all ebony fittings and our custom Despiau maple bridge.

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