Wenzl Fuchs Violin, Erlangen, Germany circa 1970 – SOLD 4/5/2019


Wenzl Fuchs is a Master Violin Maker in Eltersdorf, near Erlangen. The look and lines of the instrument are superb. Wenzl came from a family of makers in the Czech village of Schönbach. He and his family were forced out of Czechoslovakia because of the Second World War and settled in the Franconian region of Germany. He is known for his choice of tone woods, arching of the plates and his clean carving lines all beautifully executed. The instrument contains a moderately grained spruce for the top and a highly flamed back and ribs. The maple back and ribs jump on this violin. The violin has a slightly larger artistic handmade scroll which adds to the appeal of the instrument.
The condition is excellent. The sound is rich, earthy, smooth and has sustain. Your ear might say warm, inviting and somewhat covered to give the instrument a little guts. Mr. Judd likes that kind of punch in the tone quality for a violin. This is a terrific choice for a player who is ready to move out of an intermediate level and into a European instrument. This is a great German beauty.

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