W. Seifert Violin Bow – Model 130 – Bubenreuth, Germany c. 1970 – Silver Tip – SOLD OCTOBER 13, 2023 –


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Stamped: W. Seifert

The Seifert family came from a family of musical instrument makers in the Kirchberg area of Germany. Lothar Seifert’s father Oskar began making bows in 1924 and by 1932 had set up a shop in Graslitz. Like many refugees, the Seifert family was forced to relocate after World War II. Now in its third generation of bow makers, Lothar’s sons Bernd and Erich lead the workshop in making handmade bows. The shop is now near the town of Bubenreuth, just north of the university town of Erlangen.

The octagonal stick is made of good light brown pernambuco wood and is of medium strength. The Parisian eye ebony frog is nickel mounted with a golden/green/rose shimmering pearl slide lined at the end with inlaid silver. The bow is also set apart because of the silver tip. This beautiful undamaged bow has been gone over in our workshop with new hair, leather, and silver winding. This would make a great bow for the up-and-coming player looking to draw out a radiant tone with a stick that will make your instrument respond.

Weight fully haired 62.8 grams.

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