Wenzl Fuchs, Eltersdorf/Erlangen, Germany, circa 1950 Violin – SOLD MARCH 24, 2023 –


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W. K. Fuchs, Geigenbaumeister
Made in Germany

Wenzl Fuchs came from a family of violin makers dating back to the 1700’s in the Czech village of Schönbach. He was one of many luthiers who were forced out of Czechoslovakia and settled in the Franconia region of Germany after WW II. Fuchs instruments remain in international demand and are highly sought after here in the US. This is a Guarnerius model violin made in the Fuchs workshop. The violin was crafted with fine quality wood and the instrument is in very good condition. The top plate is a fine grain spruce and the back is two pieces of deeply flamed maple. The ribs, neck, and scroll match in degree of the flame. The oil varnish is simply gorgeous, a deep orange/brown on a golden yellow ground. The violin shows a small amount of playing wear from lovingly being played. We have gone over the entire violin giving it all new fittings and a new set up.

Corpus 357.0 mm., Major Width 209.0 mm., Minor Width 168.0 mm., Rib Height 30.0 -31.0 mm.

This violin has a great sound. The instrument is fully responsive rich and lush. The G & D strings remind me of the word “meaty”. The sustain is warm and rich in timbre. The treble side has a sweet sound with plenty of depth and power. The entire character of sound is a gem, rich in overtones! The violin has clarity of tone and just resonates so well. A European violin that is remarkable in its sound quality and condition for a violin over 70 years old. It looks beautiful but the sound is even better.