W. H. Hammig Violin Bow Leipzig/Markneukirchen circa 1880-1905 – SOLD FEBRUARY 14, 2024 –


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According to the Grünke book, Wilhelm Hermann Hammig was born in 1838 in Markneukirchen and lived and worked in Berlin and Markneukirchen. In 1875, he moved to Leipzig, Germany. “The bows that he sold in his Leipzig shop bear the stamp W.H. HAMMIG LEIPZIG.” – which is our bow. The shop also opened a second workshop in Berlin in 1894. The bows sold in the Berlin shop through and into the first half of the 20th century were stamped W.H. HAMMIG.” Wilhelm Hammig died in 1925, but the shop continued operating until 1956. W.H. Hamming was a violin maker, shop owner, and entrepreneur – not a bowmaker. The Nürnberger firm had excellent bow makers and supplied bows for some of the most demanding shops in Germany such as the Hammig and Weichold shops. They also supplied fine bows to the finest shops in America of the period. W.H. Hammig commissioned bows to be made by the makers at the Nürnberger family shop in Markneukirchen. This is a fine bow most definitely made in the Nürnberger shop. It was probably made by Franz Albert Nürnberger, Adolph Nürnberger, or Albin Nürnberger, all famous bow makers. The bow bears the brand W. H. HAMMIG LEIPZIG. Because of the city listed on the bow we know the bow sold out of the Hammig violin shop in Leipzig.

The bow has an over-the-top choice piece of pernambuco. The pernambuco wood is elegant and dark, with the ebony frog mounted in sterling silver. The bow is octagonal section and is in very good condition. The bow is all original except for my leathers. The frog is unique with large mother-of-pearl eyes surrounded by a ring of silver. The pearl slide and eyes have gorgeous color and are original. The frog and endscrew are all handmade. The proportions on the stick are slim and graceful and the bow plays better than wow! This is a professional violin bow ready for a serious player. The length of the bow is 73.9 cm. and it has a gram weight of 60.1 and it is beautifully balanced.

Weight fully haired 60.1 grams.