W.A. Pfretzschner Violin Bow, Markneukirchen c. 1920-1930


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W. A. Pfretzschner (1871-1939) studied bow making with his father Carl Richard Pfretzschner in Markneukirchen, the hub of violin and bow making in Germany for over two centuries. Wilhelm August’s brother H.R. was the famous bow maker who studied in Paris for years and helped change the Pfretzschner family to one of the most highly regarded bow making families in Germany. W.A. Pfretzschner followed in the footsteps of his renowned brother Hermann Richard Pfretzschner by abiding by the standards set by H.R. of the French art of bow making.
Our sterling silver mounted violin bow is in excellent condition. It has no issues. The winding is the original wrapping, silver thread with a color accent. The frog is Paris eye with the Pfretzschner logo stamped on the player’s side of the frog. The three-piece endscrew is mounted in sterling silver. The pernambuco stick is round-section and is firm! Very nice, I love the strength of the stick. The tip is ivory, original to that period, and the bow is branded on the player’s side W. A. PFRETZSCHNER. The stick also has the brand GERMANY on the bottom flat of the stick behind the frog.
The bow plays extremely well and is well balanced.

Weight fully haired 59.9 grams.