Vuillaume á Paris, late 19th Century French Trade Violin bow, Mirecourt – SOLD JANUARY 25, 2024 –


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We have a very nice French trade bow made in the hub of the French violin world: Mirecourt. The bow has beautiful lines, round edges on the frog and round in section. We have gone over the entire bow here in our workshop and retained the silver thread winding and added a new thumb leather. The bow has a new bone tip but the ebony frog and endscrew are original, with the frog having large mother-of-pearl eyes. The frog sits in a track allowing the frog to fit a little closer to the stick. The chocolate stick has old world charm and has some excellent flexibility. This stick plays well and will make a great addition to a player’s arsenal of bows. There are no issues with this bow. A 120-130 year old bow that is in very good condition.

Weight fully haired 63.4 grams.

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