Vladimir Váňa Prague 1988 Violin


Bears the label:

Vladimir Váňa pragensis
fecit anno 1988 op.12

Stamped above the label:
Vladimir Váňa

Vladimir Váňa (1953-2001) Prague came from a long tradition of violin makers that began in the early 20th century. These fine Czech makers were known for great sounding violins and their detailed craftsmanship. Vladimir studied with famed maker Karel Vávra who was a leading teacher of violin making in Prague and the head of the musical instrument collection at the Czechoslovakia Museum of Music. Our Váňa violin is a copy of a Guarneri Del Jesu with a stunning maple back plate, ribs, neck, and scroll. The top plate is of a fine-grain two-piece spruce and the instrument is finished off in all English boxwood fittings.
The instrument has a sound that is beefy and somewhat gutsy on the bottom end while offering a smooth pleasing sound on the treble strings. The violin leans to the darker side, not so bright which I like. I found the violin easy to play and responsive even with a lighter bow of 60.1 grams. The instrument has a clean look and sound. If you’re an advancing intermediate player this instrument should be one on your list to try.

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