Roth 16 7/8” Viola – Bubenreuth, Germany 1962 – SOLD AUGUST 16, 2023 –


This Ernst Heinrich Roth Stradivarius Model viola was made in 1962 in the Franconian town of Bubenreuth, then (West-Germany) and is branded above the label with the makers name, town of origin and the # M450. This 16 7/8″ viola is a Stradivarius copy made by the Roth family. The highly respected Roth family has been making bowed string instruments for eight generations and it continues even today. The viola is in good condition and shows signs of a well-loved and played instrument. The patina adds to the charm of the instrument. Playing wear is visible on the Italian spruce top plate and highly flamed maple back plate. The ribs, neck and scroll are also choice woods with an amazing figure (curl). We have bushed all four pegs replacing the large Roth/Casperi pegs with a traditional set of carved ebony pegs. The viola has had a top corner replaced on the upper left bout and a new edge on the left lower bout of the top plate. This 56-year-old instrument is now in great shape and is ready for a long armed/tall viola player to give it a new home and take care of it for another generation.
The tonal qualities of the viola are spec on for a good Roth viola. Clear, responsive, projects well, with a warm reedy quality to its sound. The instrument has an even tonal character on all four strings and the responsiveness is not over powering.

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