Rodney Mohr #1047 Sterling Silver Violin Bow- Covid Project


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During the Covid 19 stay home order in 2020, renowned bowmaker Rodney Mohr decided to use the enforced quarantine time to livestream making a bow from start to finish. It is Rodney Mohr bow # 1047. The proceeds of the sale of this bow would then go to Samaritan’s Purse International Disaster Relief. Samaritan’s Purse was hard at work helping victims of the Coronavirus in Cremona, Italy, the historic home of the violin as well as deploying a field hospital to New York City to aid the overwhelmed hospital systems. I purchased the bow from Rodney, happy in the knowledge that the purchase price was going to such a worthy cause and am now offering the bow for the player looking for a special bow from one of the great bowmakers. If you are interested you can see the making of the bow from start to finish HERE.

Crafted from select pernambuco, this round-section bow is mounted in sterling silver and has silver tinsel winding that is embellished with green silk accent thread. Green was chosen to pair with the mother-of-pearl eyes and slide that are found on the fully-lined ebony frog. Rodney finished the bow with a leather thumb grip, bone tip, and a three-piece silver and ebony adjuster.

Weight fully haired 61.3 grams.