Oskar C. Meinel Violin Bow ca. 1935 – Beautiful Stick! – SOLD MARCH 26, 2024 –


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A very fine violin bow made in Markneukirchen, Germany around 1935 and branded OSKAR C. MEINEL. The bow is also branded on the bottom flat of the stick behind the frog with “GERMANY” in all caps. The octagonal bow is sterling silver mounted and has an excellent balance. This is a very fine Meinel in excellent condition. We have gone over the entire stick giving it a new silver winding with leather thumb grip and lapping and a new mother-of-pearl slide. The bow is handmade of beautiful red/brown pernambuco wood and has a very elegant head. It bears the coat of arms of Oskar Meinel on the player side of the frog. Oskar Meinel bows were made in the E.H. ROTH shop, one of the most prominent violin shops of the 20th century and they were specifically made for the US market. It is a strong octagonal stick with superb playing qualities mounted in sterling silver and featuring single mother-of-pearl eyes. Beautiful bow awaiting someone’s right hand.

Weight fully haired 62.4 grams.

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