Non-Stamped Markneukirchen Violin Bow circa 1920 – CURRENTLY OUT ON TRIAL –


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This is a German violin bow made for the trade post World War I. During this era many German shops left off the maker’s name and origin on the stick. Many bows would have been branded with a French or Italian sounding name to market the bow. Purposely, there are no markings on this stick. The bow would have simply been placed in a violin outfit headed for sale at a music company. The West, especially England and America, were purposely not importing items coming from Germany. These bows are very cost effective and in light of what is happening with pernambuco in South America and the lack of bow production or even complete stoppage of bow making in this specie, I have decided to get all of my bows in the workshop restored and ready for the showroom. The bow is a medium brown in color beautifully grained pernambuco that is old stock. The bow is light in the hand and easy to handle. Pernambuco wood, round in section, and with a single eye frog that is handmade. The mother-of-pearl slide and eyes have great color. Just a tad of sparkle. The mounts are nickel silver, and the head has a new tip. The winding and leather thumb are also new to the bow. This will make a great playing bow for the fiddler as well as the sectional player looking to create a different sound on their instrument. If you have four bow holders in your favorite case, you may need another stick to fill up the empty slot. You may just be looking for an older European bow, that is light in weight, has gorgeous wood, good workmanship, with no famous makers provenance. Great balance, very good feel, and some fight in this stick.

Weight fully haired 60.0 grams.