Non-Branded Markneukirchen Violin Bow circa 1900 – Great Stick!


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We have a beautiful German violin bow with some very nice strength restored and completed, now in excellent condition. The bow was made in the famous hub of violin making and bows, Markneukirchen, Germany. The violin trade exploded in the 1800’s in this area of Germany and the bow making trade followed to keep up with the demand and quality of instruments. The bow is round section, nickel silver mounts with a new silver winding in leathers and a new bone tip. The maker’s name never made it on the stick, but it should have. This maker had great skill, the wood choice is beautiful, and the fittings feel like silk on the bow, they fit so well. The bow is a sleeper, no name on the bow but a great stick for a great price. The frog is ebony and has single mother-of- pearl eyes and the endscrew is in three pieces. We have meticulously gone over the entire bow, and the stick and frog/endscrew is all original beautiful workmanship. We have a bow that is over 120 years old with a weight of 57.0 grams ready for a player to add to their arsenal of sticks.

Weight fully haired 57.0 grams.