Meinel Violin Bow – Markneukirchen, Germany circa 1930


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Branded on the butt: GERMANY

We have a very good bow with strength and firmness. The bow was restored here in our workshop and is very good condition. Fritz Meinel (1885-1962) worked in Markneukirchen from 1918 on and was influenced by his apprenticeship work in the Nürnberger workshop. I see the Nürnberger influence after working with this stick for many hours. I for sure see it in the tip, frog, artistry in the silver winding, and the endscrew. The black ebony rings in the endscrew match in diameter of that of the black thread in the silver winding. Meinel was a young pupil of W.A. Pfretzschner and Franz Albert Nürnberger and his bows are artistically made as a result of working with these master bow makers.

The bow is pernambuco specie, octagonal in section, and sterling silver mounted. The winding is original and is so cool that it resembles the endscrew to a tee. The leathers at the thumb and at the lapping, the opposite end of the winding, have been replaced with new black goat leather to match exactly what was there. The colors in the wood and the sterling silver with the black accent are not only in ebony but also created using thread are so very clever. The head shows Nürnberger influence and has a sterling silver tip – all original. Even the slide in the frog is quite amazing and is solid sterling silver, not the traditional mother of pearl. The craftsmanship in the chamfers on the head shows off Meinel’s knife work. The Parisian eye frog is handmade and fully lined. Just the frog is wow enough. I give it three wows!!! Even the small 3.0 mm. eyes in the Parisian eye frog are solid sterling silver eyes, another Wow! The pernambuco wood is firm in its strength and just waiting for a serious player to fall in love with it. One might think because of all the sterling on the bow that this stick might be heavy. On the contrary, the bow is executed so well and the stick is thoroughly thought out that the bow has a weight of 59.1 grams.