MASTER SERIES 15” Viola, Handmade in Beijing, “Evah Gold – Setup” – SOLD FEBRUARY 24, 2023 –


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We have a viola series that are professionally built and overseen by Chen Yunzhou, master luthier in the Shun Yi District of Beijing, China. The instruments have slightly Guadagnini style (f) holes, a slightly broader waist which adds to the huge sound, and has a very sensible upper bout allowing for ease of play in the higher positions. Making the violas a bit broader rather than longer is an elegant solution to getting a huge satisfying sound. The string length is slightly shorter with the strings at the proper tension; this gets the player a big viola sound with a manageable string length. The violas have beautiful tonewoods with two-piece highly flamed maple backs, superior fine-width grain spruce tops, well-carved fluting at the sound holes, and the scrolls are carved with refined and elegant lines. The condition of these violas is excellent and the oil varnish is exquisite in its coloring and antiquing and adds to the charm of the instruments.

Corpus 388.0 mm., Major Width 220.0 mm., Minor Width 174.0 mm., Rib Height 35.0 mm. Vibrating String Length 351.0 mm.

This is a very bold and responsive viola, with plenty of guts which is fresh and lively. The viola has a warmth and maturity that will suit the player that wants to play with plenty of presence and energy, but also has the small nuances when playing with a light arco. A player will feel these instruments resonate under the chin, with a crunch or power to the note. The tone is very consistent throughout the voices, and they sing with great overtones. Almost woodwind like – reedy quality, a great sound that stands out and responds to different dynamic ranges. The Master Series violas make an exciting instrument that is rewarding to play for the advancing instrumentalist who needs a deeper, richer, mature sound for his or her playing.

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