Larsen Strings

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Larsen String PacketStandard Made in Denmark. Their bright sound nicely complements gut and tungsten wound synthetic strings. Available in medium, forte (strong) and dolce (soft).


Larsen Tzigane Sting PacketTzigane Designed with a new composite fiber core that offers a sound similar to gut. 4/4, medium.



Magnacore String PacketMagnacore A wonder string for Cellists! Larsen Magnacore Tungsten Cello strings perfectly complement Larsen A and D strings. Magnacore are available for cello G and C strings.


Virtuoso String PacketVirtuoso If you enjoy a string with great power, brilliance, and projection but want to avoid high tension, the Larsen Virtuoso may be the string you’ve been looking for.


Il Cannone Celebrating Paganini’s legacy, Il Cannone was designed to bring out the best in your violin.

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