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Laberte – Humbert Frères 1912


Bears the label:

Laberte-Humbert Frères
1912 Mirecourt No 3259
Exposition Internationale Bruxelles 1910 Grand Prix

French violin This firm was founded by Marc Laberte in Mirecourt in the 1880's. This 1912 violin is a fine example of instruments produced by this firm. It's in excellent condition and the varnish is a beautiful amber/orange/brown oil on a golden ground. It contains nice arching lines on the top and back plate, finely worked edges, and tastefully fluted ƒ-holes. Ir you're looking for outstanding tone, you have found it. This violin has it both in the treble and bass. It has power and is focused. It responds to any kind of bow stroke and the instrument is ready for the serious player.

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