KNOLL – Brazilwood Specie 4/4 Size Violin Bow, Regnitzlosau, Germany circa 1970 – SOLD JANUARY 13, 2024 –


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We have a Brazilwood specie Knoll violin bow. Knoll is a German bow making family beginning in 1932 by master bow maker Alfred Knoll (1909-1980). Alfred’s son Hartmut Knoll (born in 1937) completed his master examination in 1965 and took over the company in 1977. Alfred’s grandson Gerald Knoll (born in 1968, completed his master craftsman examination in 1998) and took over the workshop in 2003 and continues to run it today. The company has now spanned three generations. The family make bows in Brazilwood and pernambuco species, and uses precious metals and high-quality natural materials such as mother-of-pearl and natural horse hair with the upmost care. The Knoll shop makes a wide range of bows for professional and student players. Bows stamped KNOLL are made out of Brazilwood and bows stamped ALFRED KNOLL are made of pernambuco.

We have completely gone over the entire bow, cleaned it up, French polished the stick, polished the nickel silver, added a new leather thumb, and readjusted the frog with the three-piece endscrew and fresh hair. This bow is fully lined, octagonal in section, and has single pearl eyes in an ebony frog. The bow is in very good condition with a small chip missing in the player’s side of the frog at the heel. See the photos. This does not hinder the playability of the bow at all and is hardly noticeable. It is a great student bow for the beginner or intermediate player looking for a more flexible bow that will give the player a rounded, less bright sound off their instrument.

Weight fully haired is 64.0 grams.